Access Control System
Access Control System
Access Control System

Access Control System Installation

What is an access control system? An access control system identifies a person to verify they are permitted to enter the secured area. It is a way to restrict access to your home, business, or vehicle. Access control devices are being used worldwide for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental uses. The methods used to identify a person can include passwords, card readers, hand imprints, and biometric tools. How do you know what to choose? Smart Locksmith has the experience to help you make the access control installation decision to best meet your needs.

Benefits of an Access Control System

The primary benefit of installing an access control system is that it will help deter potential criminals from targeting your facility. In addition, an access control system can monitor the comings and goings of employees and visitors, which can help you keep track of employee productivity or identify patterns that may indicate theft or other illegal activity.

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Access Control System

Access Control System Installation in Atlanta

Several types of access control systems are available for installation at your home or business. Depending on the type of building you have and what kind of security measures you want, we can help you choose the right system for your needs. Our technicians will also install any needed wiring or hardware so that everything works seamlessly once installed.

Access Control System Repair in Atlanta

Access control systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential environments. The ability to electronically lock and unlock doors can be a great convenience, especially for those who don't want to carry keys or worry about losing them. However, these systems do not last forever, and they may need to be repaired or replaced at some point.

Access Control System

When an access control system fails, there are several possible causes. Faulty wiring can cause the system to fail completely or intermittently. This can happen if the wires have been cut by accident or if they have simply become corroded over time. If this is the case, you will need to hire a professional locksmith to repair the wiring before you can use your system again.

Another common failure mode for access control systems is when the keypad stops working properly. Suppose your keypad stops responding or displays incorrect information on its screen when you press its buttons. In that case, this could indicate something wrong with its internal circuitry or software configuration. A dependable locksmith should be able to diagnose and fix this type of problem quickly and efficiently.

Types of Access Control Systems

  • Keypad Access Control Systems
  • Biometric Access Control Systems
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Magnetic Stripe Card Readers
  • Request To Exit Buttons
  • Proximity Readers
  • Access Control Software

Smart Locksmith

An access control system is a good investment for any commercial or residential property. They are a must-have in some industries like government buildings and sports arenas. Still, they could also benefit several private applications like apartment buildings, medical centers, retail shops, and more. If you want to set your business apart from the competition in terms of safety and convenience, you should consider investing in an access control system with a qualified locksmith.

Customer Reviews

My husband and I recently purchased a home, and needed to change the locks. We called Smart Locksmith Atlanta, and Roy came out to do the work. He was great from start to finish - picked the phone up immediately. The service was excellent, he was very professional, and he changed all of my locks very quickly without damaging any of my doors or the fancy door knobs that I picked. Highly recommended - would definitely use him again!

Google Reviews
Lindsay Hawkins
Atlanta, GA

Would highly recommend Smart Locksmith !! Roy answered my call after hours, worked with my schedule and was on time for the appointment. He even managed to repair the broken remote that I thought I was going to have to throw away. So in the end we received a new remote, repaired an old remote and still wound up at half the price of one remote from the dealership. Couldn’t have had a better outcome and experience !!

Google Reviews
Charles Barstow
Johns Creek, GA

Highly recommend this company.  We lost the keys to our Van.   Roy understood our urgency, arrived on time and created keys for the door lock and ignition at the price quoted over the phone.    They both worked perfectly.    Excellent service!!!

Google Reviews
Todd Bailey
Alpharetta, GA

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