All About Remote Keyless System
All About Remote Keyless System

All About Remote Keyless System

The remote keyless entry system can be referred to as a smart electronic lock that controls access to any building or vehicle, without the need for the traditional mechanical key. The keyless entry is a lock controlled by a keypad that is normally located on or near the main handle of the driver's door and it requires the user entering a pre-determine numeric set of codes to access. If you want a convenient and efficient keyless remote entry system installed, please contact us at Smart Locksmith.

The History of Remote Keyless System

One of the earliest introductions of Remote keyless systems was in 1980 when it was introduced on the Ford thunderbird and Lincoln town car. Ford called this remote entry Keyless entry system but later renamed it SecuriCode. It was basically a keypad located on the driver side of the exterior door and above the door handle. In 1984, auto manufacturers; Nissan copied the technology and introduced it into its Nissan Maxima and Fairlady brands. The remote keyless system that operates on hand-held transmitters was introduced in France in 1982 and it was until 1989 that General Motors introduced the keyless system in the United States.

The Functioning of Remote Keyless System

The keyless entry remote system comprises a short-range radio transmitter that must remain within a certain range for the car to operate. The radio transmitter range usually varies between 5 and 20 meters. Once the button is pushed, some coded signals are sent by the radio waves unto a receiver which automatically locks or unlocks the door. A distinctive sound with flashing headlamps will signal to the user that the keyless system is functional.

Security and Remote Keyless System

Though a keyless ignition system does not automatically provide better security the convenience it offers and the ability to speed up the recognition of your car among hundreds of cars in public places makes the keyless system desirable.  The exact method of operating a keyless remote system may look similar but differs slightly from one car brand to the other. Though the car will not open without a connection between the transmitter and the receiver, it is still possible for carjackers to trick some brands of cars into thinking that the remote keyless system is nearby. For this reason, there is still a need to improve security systems on remote keyless entry cars.

Smart Locksmith Offers Keyless Entry System Installation, Repairs and Replacement

Has your keyless entry system become problematic and you don't seem to find a solution? Are you in need of a keyless entry installation in your car? Please contact our auto technicians at Smart Locksmith and we will provide the ideal lasting solution for your needs. We know how keyless entry systems work for different car brands and models; this is the reason why we are versatile in different situations. We do offer reliable and cost-effective keyless remote system installation, key fob programming, and replacement and many more. Please contact us at Smart Locksmith today and we will be there to help you.

Oct 05,2019

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