Answering Common Burglary Questions
Answering Common Burglary Questions

Answering Common Burglary Questions

A good number of the crime reported or committed in neighborhoods are burglaries. So, it is perfectly normal to feel paranoid about your safety and want expert locksmiths from Smart Locksmith to install a new set of locks or improve your security.

Now, before any step further, it is good you get answers to all questions concerning burglaries and the right steps to take assuming you are a victim. Therefore, in the next paragraphs, you’ve got a lot to learn, do not skip any part!

What Is A Burglary?

Burglary can be defined as the unlawful entry of a residential or commercial building by a person to commit a crime such as theft or larceny. There is a common misconception that burglary only includes breaking into a building. However, it is more than that because if someone walks through an open door to steal a property, it is still burglary.

What Is The Difference Between A Burglary and A Robbery?

Burglary and robbery are not the same thing. They are different, despite being used interchangeably during conversations. The difference between the two is that robbery involves using force or threats of violence to steal valuables from someone or invasion of someone’s property with the intention to obtain by force. In contrast, burglary doesn't involve the use of violence.

Burglars often gain entry and exit the home or office without anyone noticing their presence. Burglars don't harm their victims, so be assured that you won't suffer physical harm if a criminal stealthily gains entry into the house to steal your valuables. However, in most cases, your locks windows might be damaged during the operation.

What Is The Frequency Of Burglary Attacks?

Studies show that one burglary happens every 15 seconds. This means that there are about 4,800 burglaries per day and over one million burglaries every year.

The rate of burglaries varies for different locations. For neighborhoods with a high crime rate, they tend to experience more burglaries than other areas. In such neighborhoods, it will not be uncommon for some residents to have a local locksmith service number on speed dial so they can help repair broken doors.

What Time Of The Day Are Burglaries Committed?

There is a general belief that burglaries are executed during the night. However, this is not true, as many burglaries don't happen during the night. Instead, they happen during the day when homeowners are at work, school or out of town. Most burglaries occur between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon, as it is a suitable time for criminals to steal valuables before the arrival of the home occupants.

Where Do Burglars Often Occur?

Burglaries are less frequent in urban cities and occur more in rural areas. The security structure of these rural areas is weaker than the big cities, so it's easier for burglars to commit and get away with their crimes.

How To Protect Yourself From A Burglary?

Although burglaries are an unpleasant experience, they can be avoided. Certain preventive measures can be taken to keep your home from experiencing a burglary. Now, this is not to say that some experienced burglars cannot circumvent these measures; they help reduce the tendency for a successful burglary to happen. Below are the measures that can be taken:

  • Hire a locksmith for high-security lock installation
  • Install a good home security system
  • Ensure that the home, especially the exterior, is properly lit
  • Trim overgrown shrubs and trees

Finally, if you need a reliable locksmith for high security lock installation, the experts at Smart Locksmith will love to help. Call us now!

Jul 09,2023

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Answering Common Burglary Questions
Answering Common Burglary Questions

A good number of the crime reported or committed in neighborhoods are burglaries. So, it…

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