Best Outdoor Security Cameras to Protect your Home Perimeter
Best Outdoor Security Cameras to Protect your Home Perimeter

Best Outdoor Security Cameras to Protect your Home Perimeter

It is a fact that burglary incidence and criminality is on the increase, and every homeowner needs an outdoor security camera to be in the know about all the happenings around their property. However, homeowners experience challenges when making a decision because of the confusing marketing promises on the internet.

That's why the experts at Smart Locksmith have broken down everything in this article to help you find that outdoor camera that will suit your need.

Arlo Security Camera

The Arlo wireless security camera comes with a lot of amazing features ranging from top notch audio quality to a high quality visual. The wireless option makes it possible for this camera to be placed in any location of one's choice; thus, making it a viable option for protecting the perimeter of your home. The Arlo Pro 2 posses extreme flexible power options. You can choose to make use of it directly without plugging it to a power source or by plugging it into a power outlet.

The Arlo Pro camera is a weather-resistant surveillance system that is wire-free. It has a HD video quality, night vision and a two-way audio.

Arlo security cameras offer home owners the opportunity of increasing the storage capacity of its system by giving them the option of connecting a USB drive. Another amazing feature of the Arlo security camera is the 100db siren, which plays the role of scaring away burglars and thieves.

The Arlo Pro 2 has motion activation system that plays the role of detecting unusual movements within your property. After this is done, it sends you an email within the shortest possible time interval.

Nest Cam

This outdoor security camera is weatherproof; it also has cloud storage, video recording and a two-way audio. Its popularity is largely due the two outdoor security cameras, which make it possible for it to effectively secure the outdoor perimeter. These outdoor cameras are very durable and are waterproof.

The nest cam makes use of artificial intelligence, which makes it possible for it to clearly distinguish a human from a non-human.  This outdoor camera immediately sends you alert on your smart phone when a loud sound or motion is detected by the surveillance. Apart from the instant messaging feature, it also has wide camera angle and night vision ability.

Other features of the nest cam that makes it stand out are as follow:

  • It is weatherproof
  • It has the ability to store video footage for up to 40 days
  • It has a 8x zoom
  • It has night vision

Zmodo Outdoor Camera

It is a 1080p HD video outdoor Wi-Fi camera. This camera has motion alerts, a two-way audio system, remote access and it also comes with a weatherproof design. Zmodo outdoor surveillance camera has a 36hours of free cloud storage. Another value added advantage of this camera is its electromagnetic mount which gives homeowners the ease to mount it anywhere outdoors.

The above mentioned security cameras will safeguard the perimeter of your home effectively. At Smart Locksmith in Alpharetta, we believe that a sound mind is key to long-life; therefore, call us whenever you want to install a good security camera and we guarantee satisfactory services.

Sep 07,2019

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