Broken Car Key Head and Remote Replacement
Broken Car Key Head and Remote Replacement

Broken Car Key Head and Remote Replacement

If you have a broken car key head, fob key or keyless entry remote that isn't functional and you need it to be repaired or replaced so you could hit the road in no time, then call Smart Locksmith.

Our locksmiths will arrive at your location with a truck fully stocked with equipment and tools to instantly repair the key or provide a replacement car key. We have professional mobile locksmiths that offer replacement car key remote service without your wallet taking a hit. You can also get the following locksmith services when you call experts at Smart Locksmith.

We can replace lost, stolen or broken car keys

No matter the make, model or how advanced your car is, we have experienced locksmiths to replace the keys. If your key is broken inside the ignition or the key fob has damaged beyond repair, do not worry because you will get another key that will function efficiently and effectively.

However, we'd need your license and registration to verify that you're the owner of the vehicle before cutting the new keys. This security check is done for your protection and can take a couple of minutes to be concluded.

We will copy or duplicate your key fob

Most key fobs are easy and convenient to use because they are combined with a remote function. However, in some situations, the key blades may still be good while the remote stops working - not necessarily because of batteries.

On the other hand, the key blades may break off but the remote functions efficiently. Irrespective of the complexities you're experiencing with your car keys have the rest of mind that we have the capabilities to take care of it.

We can get your keys reprogrammed and also provide extra copies if it is what you need. Do not go for self programing when you have dysfunctional keys. The best option is to use professionals for everything related to key fob repair, or replacement needs.

Replacing your broken car key head has never been easier!

Because of our expertise and advanced key cutting and reprogramming equipment, you will be amazed at how fast our key replacement services could be. At Smart Locksmith., you will get a full line of car keys including smart keys, transponder, and the traditional types. We also work on a wide range of car models including Honda, Chrysler, GM, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and more.

Have the rest of mind while contacting us that we've got the solution to your car key and security needs.

When you have an emergency -turn to a name you can trust

We have resolved key fob and transponder issues for numerous customers over the years, and that has endeared us to their minds. More so, the reputation we have built over the years are unmatchable. 

So the next time you have a key fob challenge or a broken car key head don't go to an uncertified locksmith that can worsen the situation, call professionals at Smart Locksmith.

May 11,2019

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