Common Signs That Your Key Fob Needs Replacement
Common Signs That Your Key Fob Needs Replacement

Common Signs That Your Key Fob Needs Replacement

Modern car keys do not break down out of the blues. As electronic devices, they often give warning signs before they become completely damaged and need replacement. 

A few signs will give you a hint the key fob is malfunctioning and should be repaired or replaced before it gets worse. It's up to you as a car owner to detect these symptoms and get the key fob fixed. Read on to learn the common signs that indicate your key fob needs replacement. 

The Need to Repeatedly Click the Key Fob

Ordinarily, it takes a push of the button to unlock the doors. If the reverse is the case, then the key fob is no longer in good condition. The problem might be with its programming or other factors we will mention in this article. 

Anything that makes you repeatedly click the key fob button before it works means that you have a faulty key. If you notice this, hire Smart Locksmith to perform an emergency service such as key fob programming and car key replacement

The Key Fob is Producing Inconsistent Results

A common issue with faulty key fobs is producing inconsistent results. They might exhibit a malfunction symptom occasionally and keep working most of the time. When this happens, many car owners tend to postpone getting the key checked by a locksmith. However, this is a wrong decision. One of the good maintenance care required for using a key fob is that you should get it examined by a professional once you notice a fault. 

If the key fob continues to produce inconsistent results, the vehicle and its possessions are susceptible to theft. More so, it could cause an inconvenience any day and you’d waste time trying to fix it. So, at the first sign of malfunction, get the key fob repaired. 

Reduced Signal Strength 

Good signal strength is the reason you could use the key fob to unlock the vehicle's door from the other side of the mall's parking lot. It's why you could be sitting on your sofa, and you could unlock the car for someone to take something inside the vehicle. 

However, the case is different when you must be a few steps from the car before the key fob can unlock it. If you could only stay a distance of 20 feet close to the vehicle before it can work, then it's time to contact the experts at Smart Locksmith to have a look at the key. 

Fixing the Key Fob

When it comes to key fob repair or replacement, it requires professional expertise, as DIY techniques might not work. The safest, time-saving, and cost-effective step is to get the key fob examined by a trusted locksmith from Smart Locksmith. 

Our locksmith professionals can diagnose the faults responsible for the key fob malfunction and fix them accordingly. We will deploy our experts to meet you at your location. Call us to work with experienced technicians. We will ensure your key fob is fixed as soon as possible! 

Jul 01,2023

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