Nov 16, 2018

Does My Car Insurance Cover A Locksmith?

Getting locked out of your car can be a disaster because you have to start searching for your car keys and if you don’t have spare keys around, call Smart Locksmith and we will be right there to save the day. Fortunately, the costs of hiring an auto locksmith can be reimbursed by your insurance service provider. 

You might be covered by the road assistance coverage 

One of the easiest ways to regain access to your locked car is through a roadside assistance insurance program. When you have a roadside insurance covered, you can have easy and fast access to a locksmith technician, you will also be covered for other services such as the towing of the car, flat tires, battery jumpstart and delivery of emergency fuel. The roadside insurance cover is quite affordable and can also be added unto an existing insurance policy. Most insurance service providers for roadside assistance will only reimburse you for the total cost of locksmith service and fortunately, Smart Locksmith accepts a wide range of such insurance cover. 

In case you don’t have roadside insurance coverage, your insurance policy will still cover you if you check with them first. 

When you are locked out without a roadside assistance

Hiring some locksmith technicians can be expensive, but Smart Locksmith offers a much more affordable option without compromising on the quality of work. The costs of most locksmith service will largely depend on the model and brand of your car. The older car brands that have no electric locking systems can be much cheaper than the sophisticated and modern brands with high-tech gadgets. Fortunately, most insurance service providers on auto lockout do provide coverage for both older and modern car models. 

You need to take some time out to educate yourself on the ins and outs of car insurance policies, that means you need to read every line in what is contained in your insurance coverage. There are insurance companies who do not indicate to their clients about certain lockout coverages, therefore most of them are not aware that they are entitled to such benefits. The first step you must take once you are locked out of your car is to call your insurance service provider while searching for a spare key. Some insurance service provider will either recommend their own locksmith or require that you choose professional locksmith only. Fortunately, Smart Locksmith is one of the professional locksmith service providers recommended by auto lockout insurance service providers. 

Contact Smart Locksmith for 100% reliable and cost-effective auto lockout service

You may have to get a detailed invoice of what your locksmith service provider will charge you and because you have to present it to your lockout insurance service provider, in order to make a claim. Smart Locksmith offers 100% guaranteed auto lockout service that will not put undue pressure on you or your insurance service provider. We do provide emergency lockout service and we will be right there within a short moment after giving us a call. Contact us right now!

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