Oct 19, 2020

History of BMW Keys

BMWs are already well known for their premium features, yet many are unaware of how advanced these luxury vehicles have been in terms of security and technology. They were early adopters of advance immobilizers and keyfobs, and continue to be at the forefront of modern tech. At Smart Locksmith, we provide high quality commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services for clients in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We enjoy helping local luxury vehicle owners maximize the security of their investments, and we want you to have success as well. Are you interested in learning more about the evolution of BMW keys? Read below for some fun facts.

The First BMW Keys 

In the 60s and 70s, BMW keys looked very much like other car keys. The average looking strip of metal was upgraded slightly, as BMW offered distinct features like an embedded keyring, plastic case and visible logo. By the 80s, remote locking and unlocking was integrated into new car models. While a metal key was provided for opening doors and starting the ignition, a separate black square was provided with buttons that controlled the locking mechanisms in the door. 

Early Immobilizers 

By the early 90s, BMWs were offering an immobilizer system, where the driver could manually input a code when leaving the car. If they wanted to start their car again, they would need to enter the same code. This was a major advancement in security and was the first leap toward the modern keyfob system that is standard for today’s vehicles.  

Introduction of Keyfobs

In 1995, Siemens produced the first Keyfob for Mercedes. While they may not have been the first to adopt the technology, BMW quickly jumped on board with the BMW E65 7 Series. These plastic keys had internal electronic control, which not only offered security enhancements, but also allowed the driver to start the car with the push of a button. 

The Comfort Access System and Other Innovations

Additional features were incorporated into future models, including the comfort access system. This allowed drivers to simply walk up to their vehicle, open the door and push the ignition button, without the need to pull the keys out of their pocket or handbag. Other improvements such as ConnectedDrive and programmable driver settings.

F Series and 7 Series

The F Series offer Passive Go drive authorization. While the driver needs to have the keyfob in close proximity to the vehicle, they can still gain access to their vehicle without effort. BMW also has the 7-series smart display keyfob with touchscreen. 

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