Aug 9, 2019

How the Ignition System Works?

The main duty of the ignition system is to generate a high voltage from the car’s 12V battery and then to send the voltage generated to the spark plugs, in turn, thus igniting a fuel-air mixture in the combustion chambers of the engine.

It is the coil that produces the high voltage. It is regarded as an electromagnetic device that converts the low-tension current from the battery of the car to the high-tension current especially when the contact breaker points are opened.

The Distribution of the Current

The distributor cap comprises a non-conductive plastic and the current is then fed to the central electrode by the High-tension lead from the center of the coil. There are more electrodes inside the cap that are called segments and the sparkplugs are connected to this segment.

There is a Rotor arm fitted on top of the central shaft and this is connected to the central electrodes through the metal spring or a spring-loaded brush on top of the distributor cap.

The current generated enter through the cap and the central electrodes and then passes to the center of the rotor arm through the brush. Before it is distributed to each plug as the rotor arm is revolving.

As the rotor arm is approaching a segment, the contact-breaker point becomes opened and the high-tension current will pass through the rotor arm to the appropriate sparkplug lead. The contact-breaker points are normally mounted in the distributor and they act as the switch when synchronized with the engine. The contact breaker points also cut off and reconnects the 12V, Low Tension circuit to the coil.

The points will be opened by cams located on the central shaft and then closes again by a spring arm located on the moving contact.

Completion of Current Movement

When the points on the distributor open, the magnetic field located in the primary winding will collapse while the high-tension current is induced in the secondary windings. This current generated, will be transferred to the sparkplugs and through the distributor cap.

There are 4 cams on a 4-cylinder engine, and with the full rotation of the shafts, the points will open four times. The position of these points and the body of the distributor in relation to the central shaft can be manually adjusted easily.

The entire process will alter the timing of the spark and exact setting for the ignition can be controlled. As the engine speed continues to vary after the ignition is turned on, the timing of the spark is adjusted to meet up with the engine speed. Several other changes occur as the speed of the engine varies according to the throttle opening.

In many modern ignition systems, the optimum ignition timing is guaranteed by some micro-electronics and these works for different timing for engine speed plus engine load conditions.

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