How to Avoid Burglary
How to Avoid Burglary

How to Avoid Burglary

Facing a burglary experience can be distressing, the lives of your family members may be in danger and you may be in a position of losing valuable property. Unfortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent a burglary from recurring over and over again. Burglars tend to strike when you are likely not at home and those are between 10 am and 3 pm. Burglary often involves wrestling with locks and keys while a robbery involves traumatizing the victims to steal from them- this is the major difference between burglary and robbery.

How Burglars Choose Their Victims

Burglars often watch and examine their victims for a while before they strike. They want to ensure that there are no cameras and other surveillance security systems at their proposed entry points into the homes. Interestingly, a third of burglaries involve the burglars walking through the unlocked front doors. More than half of burglaries involve the criminals walking into the home through the back doors or the first story windows.  Unlocked doors and windows are usually burglar's best access points into the home. In some cases, vulnerabilities and neglect will trigger a burglary, also signs of long absence can motivate burglars and more than 60% of burglary victims tend to have some familiarity with perpetrators.

Preventing Burglary from Your Home

A burglar will likely return to steal in their victim's house for some reason. They think the homeowners do have some form of insurance to replace the stolen items, hence they hope to steal a better and newer valuable item. This is the reason why you should invest in better security to stop the burglars. The burglar probably knows the weak security in his victim's home ad he has an idea of the home's layout, hence he may return if he was unlucky to find a valuable item the first time.

Making Your Home Safe from Burglars

You can make your home much safer from burglars when you take few steps. You must lock your windows and doors always, especially when you are not at home. Request for the installation of quality deadbolts. Smart Locksmith can help you install deadbolt locks that are extremely difficult to pick, bump and kick in. You should also consider having a backup. Your noisy neighbors, security surveillance cameras, a barking dog, and some other means of alerts such as alarm systems can be great options to alert people against burglars.

You should consider combining a security system with motion lights. A burglar will usually refrain from burgling a home with a functional security system. You should consider keeping your yard very tidy. If you keep your yard tidy, with security cameras installed and back door and window locked, you will make your home difficult for burglars to access. If you want to rekey your locks, repair damaged locks and keys, or you need newly upgraded locks installed, please contact Smart Locksmith and we will be there to help you improve your home security.

Dec 12,2019

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