How to Burglar-Proof Your Mailbox
How to Burglar-Proof Your Mailbox

How to Burglar-Proof Your Mailbox

With the rise of mailbox theft, it's your responsibility to take the necessary measures to keep thieves out of your mailbox. One of the most effective ways to prevent mailbox theft is to theft-proof your mailbox.

In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to theft-proof your mailbox and prevent mail theft.

Install a Secure and Tamper-Proof Locking Mechanism

Mailbox thieves take advantage of ineffective mailbox locking mechanisms to gain access to mailboxes. Therefore, it is a good idea to install a secure mailbox locking mechanism to secure your mailbox against thieves. An experienced locksmith can help you choose a secure and tamper-proof locking mechanism for your mailbox. It's also advisable to check your mailbox's locking mechanism regularly for tampering or break-ins. If you notice any signs of tampering, like visible bending, tiny scratch marks around the keyhole, or warping, call in a locksmith to provide you with a solution.

Make Sure You Lock Your Mailbox after Collecting Your Mails

Not all mailbox theft involves forceful entry or tampering with the locking mechanism. Sometimes, homeowners forget to lock their mailboxes, and opportunist thieves prey on their forgetfulness. Simply keeping your mailbox locked and double-checking to ensure it is properly locked will prevent most mailbox theft.

Install a Mailbox Alarm

A mailbox alarm is a smart device that sends out a text message, an email, or pushbullet notifications when your mailbox is opened. This device not only lets you know when your mail has arrived, but it also ensures the security of your mail. The real-time alerts will help you keep thieves out of your mailbox. There's a wide range of mailbox alarms to choose from.

Bonus Security Tips

  • Install a Security System

One of the effective ways to deter mailbox thieves is to install a modern security system in your home. Security cameras are a good deterrent for mailbox thieves, as most of them will choose another target if they notice a security system in your home. Apart from deterring thieves from stealing your mail, a security system can help law enforcement authorities with investigations if mail theft occurs.

  • Upgrade Your Mailbox

If you're still using a traditional mailbox, you are making things easy for mailbox thieves. It's a good idea to opt for a modern and more secure mailbox that comes with an advanced locking system.

  • Make Sure Entryways Are Well Lit

Good lighting around the entryways is always a good deterrent for mailbox thieves. Bright lights make it hard for criminals to conceal their identity, so they are more likely to avoid homes that are well lit.

Need Help With Making Your Mailbox More Secure? Call Smart Locksmith

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Jan 24,2023

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