How to Change Locks on Your New Home
How to Change Locks on Your New Home

How to Change Locks on Your New Home

It is best practice to change locks when you move into a new home"”even if the house is new construction. You can never be sure who has a spare key for the existing locks, so changing locks is the perfect way to ensure you are the only people with keys to your property.

In this article, we will share tips for changing locks on your new home.

Know The Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing

Changing locks on your new home can involve either rekeying them or replacing them. Both rekeying and replacing ensure that old keys will no longer be used to open the lock.

Rekeying involves altering the lock mechanism so that the old key can no longer be used to unlock the lock. In other words, it entails realigning the inner tumblers of the lock cylinder so a new key operates it. When you rekey a lock, you simply change the working key of the lock to a different key without changing the lock.

Replacing a lock, as the name suggests, involves changing your old lock with a new one. When you replace a lock, a locksmith removes the old lock and replaces it with new hardware.

Rekeying is always much cheaper than getting your locks changed because you pay for the labor, not the parts.

What Lock Is Right for You?

The ideal locks for your home will depend on the type of door that you have and their applications. For exterior doors, you'll want to install deadbolts, cylinder locks, or smart locks, while knob locks are best suited for interior doors. If you have a wooden door, it would be advisable to install mortise locks. It's best to consult with a locksmith to help you choose locks that will meet your new home's security needs.

Hire A Professional Locksmith for Lock Replacement

Installing high-quality locks in your new home is the first line of defense against intruders and security breaches. When it's time to change locks in your new home, it's best to hire an experienced locksmith to do the job. Working with a professional locksmith for lock replacement can mean the difference between keeping your new home secure and leaving security loopholes that intruders can exploit to access your home. A professional locksmith has access to superior quality locks, is equipped with high-performing tools, and has the experience to get the job done right within the shortest time possible. Moreover, a professional locksmith can help you choose the right locks for your home.

How Often Should You Change Your Locks?

Most locksmiths advise that locks should be changed once every seven years, but that depends on several factors. However, there are many situations where you'll be required to change your locks way before the seven-year recommended mark. For instance, it will be necessary to change your locks if you've experienced a break-in or an attempted break-in.

Call Smart Locksmith for Lock Replacement in Your New Home

Looking for a trusted locksmith to help you change locks in your new home? Look no further than Smart Locksmith. We are a full-service locksmith company that proudly offers a wide range of locksmith services for residential, automotive, and commercial customers. Whether you are in need of rekeying, lock replacement, key replacement, or key extraction, you can rely on our experienced and well-equipped locksmiths to get the job done right the first time.

Nov 01,2022

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