How to Evaluate a Safe?
How to Evaluate a Safe?

How to Evaluate a Safe?

Is Your Safe Large Enough?

Are you considering getting a safe to secure your valuables at home or office? You should consider certain factors in making the right decision. The first thing you should check is whether the safe is large enough. Initially, you may be thinking of saving a few things in the safe, such as gold, silver or some precious jewelry. Over time, you may want to keep other items such as your certificates, marriage license, and even your kids or pet immunization records. In addition to this, as your family grows, you will surely want to keep some collections you want to pass down to your new generation hence you will need to consider your present and future needs when deciding the size of your safe.

How Will the Safe Hold Up in the Event of a Fire

Safes have different fire ratings and all potential safe owners must consider how well their safes will perform in the event of fire accidents. You want a safe that will hold up for as long as possible even when engulfed in flames. Though you hope that the fire will be put off as soon as possible but your safe should withstand the effect of the fire before it is put off. Safes are classified by their fire resistance capabilities Class E safes, for instance can resist fire at temperatures up to 1550-degree Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, while a class A safe will resist up to 2000-degree Fahrenheit fire temperatures for up to 4 hours. As expected, the higher the fire-resistant grade, the more expensive the safe. You may want to check with your local certified locksmith for more clarification.

Other Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Safe

Is it Tamper Resistant?

Tamper resistance is one of the most important factors you should consider when evaluating a safe. An ideal safe must be tamper-resistant to protect your valuables and ensure they don't get into the wrong hands. The tamper-resistant feature of a safe will depend largely on the type of lock it is, alongside the construction of the safe and the level of difficulty in picking the lock of the safe. You will surely want a heavy-duty and well-built safe for peace of mind and protection of your treasures.

Other Security Features the Safe Offers

Some other added features you may want to consider when evaluating a safe should include; lock style and type, water resistance, the warranty length and type, mountable or freestanding, battery-free or battery-operated, Affordability, durability, and buoyancy. Though some of these features may not matter to you it is important to put everything into consideration to make a better choice.

Smart Locksmith Offers Reliable Safe Installation

Whether you are looking for a safe for your home valuables or business items, you can rely on our professional expertise to make the right choices. We offer affordable prices and guaranty a safe installation service for peace of mind. Give us a call at Smart Locksmith today and we will be there.

Feb 16,2020

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