How to Fix a Loose Doorknob or Handle
How to Fix a Loose Doorknob or Handle

How to Fix a Loose Doorknob or Handle

Loose doorknobs or handles are a problem faced by many homeowners. They are often due to wear and tear, weather damage, or wrong installation. Once the screws have become stripped with time or the screws are missing, the doorknobs or handles will come loose and have to be fixed. If you have a loose doorknob or handle, the door is not secure, and hence the home's security is bound to be compromised.

A loose door handle would give burglars easy access to your apartment. They don't even have to use any of their sophisticated tools to gain entry. Therefore, you should read through this article to learn how to restrict them!

DIY Steps To Fixing A Loose Doorknob Or Handle

  • Take Out The Knob or Handle

The first step to fixing a loose doorknob or handle is to remove it. The method for the removal process depends on whether the screws are exposed or hidden. For exposed screws, you must first find the set screw, which is located inside the door. After locating the set screw, use an Allen key or screwdriver to loosen the screw and then remove the knob or handle.

On the other hand, if the screws are hidden, you must first locate the detent access hole. The detent is a spring-activated pin that sticks out of the knob to keep it from twisting around the door. Make use of a flathead screwdriver to press down the pin, and this enables you to spin the shaft and remove the knob or handle.

  • Take Out The Base

The next phase in the repair process is to remove the base. This can be achieved using a simple flathead screwdriver and carefully prying the ring loose. While doing this, avoid damaging the backing plate because it could destroy the entire lock. If this happens, you would have no choice but to contact an experienced locksmith company like Smart Locksmith.

  • Locate and Fasten The Screws

Once the base has been removed, you will notice a set of screws that need to be tightened. These screws run through the door and into the backing plate that holds the entire knob or handle in place. With your hand on the backing plate, carefully fasten each screw.

  • Reattach the Base and the Handle

Once the screws have been correctly fastened, the next step is to put the ring back on the backing plate by snapping it in place. After the ring has been snapped back on, place the handle knobs back onto the spindle shaft. Then, turn the handle and line up the holes with the detent, and click that back into place. If you have done this, the loose door knob or handle has been fixed. 

Hire A Locksmith

As easy as the DIY steps of fixing a loose doorknob might sound, it can be a frustrating activity depending on your ability, level of patience, available tools, and other factors. More so, you risk failing to get the door handle repaired correctly. To avoid experiencing poor results, it is advised that you contact Smart Locksmith. We offer lock repair services – saving you the stress DIY process.

Moreover, if you have other lock or security issues we also identify and work on them. Call us now for all your lock and key related issues. We can work around your schedule to fix any issue.

Jun 17,2023

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