How to Lock a Closet Door Without a Lock
How to Lock a Closet Door Without a Lock

How to Lock a Closet Door Without a Lock

Perhaps your closet door lock is broken or faulty, and you're looking for easy ways to lock the door before you call a reliable locksmith to fix the lock. Locking a closet door without a lock may seem impossible, but there are simple ways you can do it.

Let's look at some of the ways you can lock a closet door without a lock.

Consider Using a Door Wedge

This is perhaps the most common and easiest way to lock a closet door without a lock. Start by closing the door, and then place a wedge underneath the door. Knock the wedge with a hammer to get it firmly secured under the door. After you've secured the wedge tightly, test your closet door from the outside to see if it's entirely secure. You can purchase a door wedge from local home improvement stores. This method only works for inward opening closet doors, so it may not be effective for outward opening doors.

Lock the Door with a Chair

This is another simple and time-tested way to lock a closet door without a lock. Find a heavy chair and position it in a way that the top of the chair is angled to fit under the handle of the door. This will keep the door locked by keeping lever-style door handles in place.

Tie the Door Handle with a Rope or Belt

You can use a rope or belt to keep the door handle in place. Simply tie one side of the rope or belt to the door handle or doorknob and secure the other end to an immovable object like a couch or a refrigerator.

Use a Portable Closet Door Locks

A portable lock provides a temporary way to lock a closet door without a lock. Portable door locks consist of a claw that fits over the bolt or latch and a lock that fits into the claw. These locks are easy to use and do not require screwing or drilling. Some of the most popular portable door locks you can use to lock closet doors are Addalock, TSL, and BurglarBar.

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Dec 21,2022

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