How to Successfully Prevent a House Lockout
How to Successfully Prevent a House Lockout

How to Successfully Prevent a House Lockout

Lockouts are incredibly frustrating situations that can occur unexpectedly, leaving you unable to access your home or car. These instances can happen to anyone, regardless of age or experience, often due to simple errors like leaving keys behind or misplacing them.

It is comparable to an unexpected halt during a marathon, and just as runners fear this scenario, homeowners and car owners dread being locked out of their property. The inconvenience of waiting for a locksmith's assistance can be frustrating.

So, how can you effectively avoid lockout problems? Let's explore some preventive measures.

Get Spare Keys Made

To avoid lockouts, have a locksmith create an extra set of keys for you. Keep in mind that not all keys can be duplicated locally, depending on the type and model. Store the spare keys in an accessible spot.

Use Phone Case, Key Holder

You might forget your keys, but it's unlikely to forget your phone. Many phone cases can hold keys, a smart solution for those who are always glued to their phones. Having your phone means you'll have your keys too, reducing the chances of being locked out.

Switch to Smart Locks

Changing to smart or keyless locks is a smart move. Popular options include keypad locks and fingerprint locks. Choose a high-quality lock to ensure durability. Once done, forget about forgotten keys.

Try a Key Finder

If you often misplace your keys, consider getting a key finder. There are quality options that help locate lost keys. Keep in mind that a key finder won't retrieve keys left behind, so pairing it with other solutions is wise.

Keep an Extra Key with Friends or Family

In cases of lockouts, reaching out to neighbors or loved ones can provide a helping hand. When it comes to spare keys, choose people you can depend on. You can entrust trusted friends or family with an extra key in case of unexpected lockouts.

If possible, selecting a person residing within a 5-mile vicinity is advised. Opting for someone who lives out of state might mean waiting a while for the spare keys to arrive by mail, leading to expensive bills. Usually, it's more practical to leave an extra key with a local family member or friend who can quickly come over, or someone you can easily reach via taxi.

Contact a Locksmith

If you're unsure of how to prevent lockouts, reach out to a locksmith in Canton. They can estimate lock repairs or key creation, often offering same-day service.

Don't underestimate home or car security, especially in rough neighborhoods. Stay cautious and prepared.


Being locked out in the evening can lead to unforeseen challenges, such as those involving vehicles and homes. Let our list motivate you to proactively prevent lockouts. Facing a car, house, or office lockout? Reach out to Smart Locksmith for top-notch lockout service.

Our well-trained team is available round the clock and equipped to handle your lockout problems. Plus, we offer affordable prices for rekeying or changing locks for your home, car, or business.

Aug 19,2023

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