Locksmith Lithonia, GA
Lithonia, GA
Locksmith Lithonia, GA

Locksmith in Lithonia, GA

The locksmith industry is constantly growing, so the tools are also advancing. With that in mind, our professional commercial, residential, and auto locksmiths leverage innovative equipment to enhance the quality and efficiency of services. Whether you are locked out, experiencing lock damage, or thinking of re-keying following a burglary, we can dispatch an emergency locksmith in Lithonia to your location to address the problem.

When you work with Smart Locksmith, our expert technicians have assessed and diagnosed the problem to guarantee effective solutions. If you own residential or commercial property, there's a chance you may attempt a DIY lock repair project. Don't! Here are some professional tools you can expect our locksmith in Lithonia to show up with.

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Locksmith Lithonia, GA

Lock Picks and Tension Tools

Some of the essential tools a locksmith should have are lock picks. Although different technicians use varying pick designs, our team leverages well-rounded lock pick sets, which allow them to open other systems. These tools come with various hooks, rakes, ball picks, diamonds, and tension tools. The last thing you want is to work with a poorly equipped lockout service in Lithonia, resulting in delays and other inconveniences.

Broken Key Extractor

Keys are made of metal, but like most metallic objects, they soften with time. This is usually caused by the material used and the need for maintenance. If you try to open a lock and the key breaks, the emergency locksmith will use a broken key extractor to remove the fragment without damaging internal components. Your car key is also susceptible to deterioration, and when it snaps, we can send an experienced auto locksmith to help with repairs. Most people may opt to use DIY alternatives, but the risk of damage and costly repairs is high without the proper tools and skills.

Plug Spinner

These are critical in any locksmith's tool kit. When burglars pick your locks the wrong way, the lock's interior rotates, which makes it difficult to open. In such scenarios, an emergency locksmith in Lithonia may use a plug spinner to turn the machine back in position to re-pick the lock. Some technicians intentionally pick a lock the wrong way so they can use the plug spinner to rotate the mechanism that opens the lock.

Key Machines

Once a lock is picked, the broken key fragments removed, and a new lock installed, a new set of keys needs to be made. Professionals use key machines to create and replicate keys for commercial, residential, and automobile clients. This standard-industry equipment is the most precise and efficient for a locksmith in Lithonia. Technological advancements are constantly popping up in this area, which keeps us on our toes and helps us gain a competitive advantage.

When you need a lockout service in Lithonia to address a problem, ensure they have the tools to complete the job. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and tools to help our experts provide unmatched services. Contact us at Smart Locksmith to learn more about the different tools of the trade and their uses before hiring an emergency locksmith.

Customer Reviews

My husband and I recently purchased a home, and needed to change the locks. We called Smart Locksmith Atlanta, and Roy came out to do the work. He was great from start to finish - picked the phone up immediately. The service was excellent, he was very professional, and he changed all of my locks very quickly without damaging any of my doors or the fancy door knobs that I picked. Highly recommended - would definitely use him again!

Google Reviews
Lindsay Hawkins
Atlanta, GA

Would highly recommend Smart Locksmith !! Roy answered my call after hours, worked with my schedule and was on time for the appointment. He even managed to repair the broken remote that I thought I was going to have to throw away. So in the end we received a new remote, repaired an old remote and still wound up at half the price of one remote from the dealership. Couldn’t have had a better outcome and experience !!

Google Reviews
Charles Barstow
Johns Creek, GA

Highly recommend this company.  We lost the keys to our Van.   Roy understood our urgency, arrived on time and created keys for the door lock and ignition at the price quoted over the phone.    They both worked perfectly.    Excellent service!!!

Google Reviews
Todd Bailey
Alpharetta, GA

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