Locksmith Roswell, GA
Roswell, GA
Locksmith Roswell, GA

Reliable Locksmith Services in Roswell, GA

Smart Locksmith offers a wide range of locksmith services in Roswell through its certified and licensed 24-Hour locksmith technicians. Call us now at 404-936-3323 to schedule a local locksmith in Roswell, GA today for auto, residential, and commercial lockout service, lock repair and replacement, fob key programming, and all other locksmith services in Roswell.

Residential Locksmith Services in Roswell

Residential Roswell locksmith service is one of the major services we rendered. Our certified and insured residential locksmith technician can provide new keys and locks to replace the old and inefficient house keys and locks. For some reason, you may want to install high-security electronic locks that you can remotely control via mobile devices, you can rely on our residential locksmith technician to install the most durable and highly efficient smart locks for such purposes. Our certified and insured 24-hour locksmith can also perform lock replacement and repair if you have moved into a new home and you want the locks replaced even if all the keys have been handed over to you. In addition to rekeying, we also offer key duplication or key-cutting, alongside the installation of surveillance cameras and alarm systems on residential buildings. 

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Our experienced locksmith technicians are ready to help with years of experience.
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Smart Locksmith is a locally owned and operated locksmith shop located in Atlanta, GA.
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We provide 24-Hour emergency mobile locksmith services and lockout services.
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Locksmith Roswell, GA

Automotive Locksmith Service in Roswell

When you type locksmith near me in search engines online, you will probably see a list of residential or commercial locksmith service providers, displayed. We do have a specialized insured, certified, and licensed automotive locksmith who is familiar with all brands of automobiles. Modern automobiles that rely on programmable key fobs can be extremely difficult to duplicate but our automotive locksmith can help re-program a new key fob that will work with your car. 

We do advise that you write down your vehicle's VIN as well as other necessary information that will facilitate your automotive locksmith service, just before you give us a call. Is your key broken inside the car ignition? Do you often struggle to turn the key inside the ignition or have you accidentally locked the key inside or misplaced it? Contact a certified and licensed automotive locksmith in Roswell today and get your help within a short period of time.

Reliable Commercial Locksmith Service

When it comes to commercial locksmith service, most people only think about smart locks, double-cylinder locks, surveillance cameras, and alarms. Smart locksmith offers more than there. Perhaps the smaller components of commercial enterprises such as the cabinets, and safes, keep most of the sensitive files and documents and they deserve to be protected with the most durable, anti-pick devices. Only an insured, certified, and licensed commercial locksmith can help you determine the most suitable grade of fire-resistance and water-proof locks for your commercial safes and cabinets. 

Locks for commercial safes and cabinets do come in different grades and such grades determine how resistant they can be, against certain disasters such as fire and water, you will need a professional commercial locksmith in Roswell to help you make the most suitable and cost-effective choices. 

24-hour Emergency Locksmith Service

Locks and other security features may malfunction at any time of the day, especially when they are old, and have never undergone any routine servicing. When you search for a locksmith near me online, you are probably looking for a 24-Hour locksmith service provider who can respond to emergencies even during the odd periods of the day. Our locksmith in Roswell is always on hand to handle your residential, commercial, or automotive lockout situations. 

Our Roswell locksmith ensures 100% transparency, especially in the way he handles all locksmith services, that is why we give you an honest quote once we inspect your locksmith service needs. Upon receipt and acceptance of our quote, our Roswell locksmith will proceed with a final inspection and evaluation of your needs before rendering a personalized locksmith service that will resolve the problem in no time. 

Address: 300 Colonial Center Pkwy Suite 100G, Roswell, GA 30076

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Roswell, GA

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Overall Experience: 5 /5 - Locksmith Roswell

Roy just completed a job at my house replacing the three door locks. He did an outstanding and professional job. First he arrived on time. Second the pricing was a very reasonable and very competitive with others. He made sure that the alignment on the doors are aligned properly. I have some other job to do and I will certainly use him in the future. I would recommend Roy.

Customer Reviews

My husband and I recently purchased a home, and needed to change the locks. We called Smart Locksmith Atlanta, and Roy came out to do the work. He was great from start to finish - picked the phone up immediately. The service was excellent, he was very professional, and he changed all of my locks very quickly without damaging any of my doors or the fancy door knobs that I picked. Highly recommended - would definitely use him again!

Google Reviews
Lindsay Hawkins
Atlanta, GA

Would highly recommend Smart Locksmith !! Roy answered my call after hours, worked with my schedule and was on time for the appointment. He even managed to repair the broken remote that I thought I was going to have to throw away. So in the end we received a new remote, repaired an old remote and still wound up at half the price of one remote from the dealership. Couldn’t have had a better outcome and experience !!

Google Reviews
Charles Barstow
Johns Creek, GA

Highly recommend this company.  We lost the keys to our Van.   Roy understood our urgency, arrived on time and created keys for the door lock and ignition at the price quoted over the phone.    They both worked perfectly.    Excellent service!!!

Google Reviews
Todd Bailey
Alpharetta, GA

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