Reasons Your Car Key Isn’t Working
Reasons Your Car Key Isn't Working

Reasons Your Car Key Isn't Working

Do You Have Trouble Unlocking your Car Door? Read the Information Below

If you are ever faced with the trouble of unlocking your car door or finding it difficult to turn the key in the ignition or the key fob is not connecting automatically, you should simply contact a professional lock technician for help. whether you own a key or keyless entry vehicle, several things can cause lockout or your vehicle not starting. Before contacting us at Smart Locksmith, we will like to encourage you to examine the situation just to save even more time. In most cases, your car key is not working based on the following issues;

Key Fob Battery Issues and Damaged Key

If you can't figure the reason why your car door is not opening, we do recommend that you check the batteries. If the batteries in the key fob are dying or running out of juice, then your car door may not open remotely. Most car owners don't bother to check their key fob batteries before contacting a professional locksmith technician. If you check your key fobs, perhaps you will save yourself some time and money.

Similarly, the damaged key may be the reason your car doors can't open. Over time, traditional car keys will wear out and require an outright replacement. Traditional car keys are often abused, they are thrown inside the pocket, wallet and even empty compartments inside the car. Keys also drop on the hard surface floor several times and these issues result in chipping, bending and even breaking, thus rendering them useless. Please contact a professional locksmith for a reliable key replacement service.

Other Common Reasons Your Car Key Isn't Working

Program-Related Issues and Internal Damages to Key Fob

When there is internal damage to your keyless entry or key fob, there is bound to be a problem. The connectors inside the key fob, in particular, can become damaged over time and that will lead to the vehicle not starting. This problem may also prevent you from getting inside the car.

Similarly, you may not be able to use your car key if it is not programmed. Similar to internal damages to a key fob, your vehicle wouldn't unlock the car if there is an issue with its programming or if it has not been programmed. At Smart Locksmith, we can cut and program your keys regardless of your key brand and model.

Poor Car Key Duplication

Unfortunately, not all locksmith technicians offer good quality car key duplication. Poor quality car key duplication will lead to wasted money and time. We do advise that you do some research before settling for a locksmith technician.

 Smart Locksmith is a trusted and budget-friendly locksmith company that has been offering car lockout, car key duplication and car key programming for years and we believe we can handle your car key issues efficiently. Don't wait until your car key develops an issue before contacting us at Smart Locksmith. We will be right there to help you out.

Feb 02,2020

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