Simple Fixes for Common Lock Problems
Simple Fixes for Common Lock Problems

Simple Fixes for Common Lock Problems

It is no news that homeowners take locks for granted and the reason isn’t far-fetched! Most locks are made with sturdy materials which reduce the possibly of breaking down. However, there could be severe consequences when the lock starts to malfunction - you could be late for work, leave your doors unlocked or cancel important appointments.

To always be in control of your security, you should understand the ‘first aid’ approach to the problems of your lock and entire security system. Let us take you on a ride by revealing some simple fixes for everyday lock problems.

The Key Refuses To Turn in the Lock

One frustrating experience you can face is being locked out of your home. Perhaps, the key enters the lock but doesn't turn. If this is the case, then there might be a problem with the door lock latch or door alignment. In some cases, it could be due to human error. If you have multiple keys in your key holder, there is a possibility that you used the wrong key. 

So, double-check if it's the right key you are placing inside the keyhole. Also, check to see that no debris or dirt is blocking the keyhole. Another issue might be that the lock needs lubrication, so apply the specific product to get the key into the lock. 

If you have tried and the key refuses to turn contact Smart Locksmith to get a professional locksmith to inspect and fix the lock. 

The Key Breaks inside the Lock

Ever tried turning the key inside the lock and it broke off during the process, leaving you with a half inside the lock? This is an unpleasant experience. Whether you have faced it or not, you need to be prepared for such an event. 

If your key breaks inside the lock, the first step is to get the broken half out. Apply the needle nose plier method. It will help you remove the broken piece without damaging the lock. However, you will need to be careful not to push the piece further into the lock.

Nevertheless, if the broken key is too deep inside the lock, the remedy is to hire a vetted locksmith in your locality. The professional will help take out the key and can also provide you with a new key if you want. 

Sticky Lock Whenever the Door Is Locked or Unlocked

Some locks may suffer from stickiness, which could be constant or occasional. The stickiness happens when you try to lock or unlock the door using the key. If it is not fixed on time, the problem could be worse.

Sticky locks are fixed by cleaning them, as the situation could be due to the buildup of dirt, debris, and oil inside the lock. These materials create a sticky feeling whenever you turn the key inside the lock. 

A Broken Lock Due To a Break-In Attempt

Burglars often try to breach the security of the front door's lock to gain access. Whether they succeed or not, the effectiveness of your locks will be greatly reduced.

If you notice an attempted break-in, hire a locksmith soon as possible to perform a lock replacement service. Replacing the lock is the only remedy for a broken lock, which a professional should do. 

Jun 25,2023

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