The Importance of Door Closers
The Importance of Door Closers

The Importance of Door Closers

A door closer is a type of hardware that is designed to close and latch a door in a controlled manner after it has been opened. Essentially, it is a spring-loaded mechanical arm mounted on the top of a door or on the door frame to add a level of control to a door. Apart from closing doors in a controlled operation, door closers add safety and security to a home or commercial space. Some jurisdictions require commercial property owners to install door closers for purposes of safety and security.

How Do Door Closers Work?

A door closer comprises of a powerful spring on the inside of the device. When the door is opened, the spring is compressed. When you release the door, the spring pulls the door shut in a controlled manner. A door closer uses a shock-absorbing medium (either air or fluid) to keep the door from slamming shut.

Let's look at some of the top reasons why you should install door closers.

Fire Door Safety and Compliance

Door closers form an integral part of the fire protection mechanism for fire doors. Fire-rated doors need to be fitted with door closers to help limit the spread of fire by keeping doors closed. If a fire door doesn't have a door closer, then its fire protection mechanism is compromised.

Prevents The Slamming of Doors

Door closers ensure doors close and latch in a controlled manner. The mechanical arm and other components work together to maintain the force and speed of the door closure at a certain level. Without door closers, heavy doors can get damaged easily due to slamming and cause injury, especially to elderly people, small children, and people with disabilities. These devices help to prevent door slams, thereby preventing injury, promoting accessibility, and preventing damage to doors and door frames.

Secure Closing

A door closer ensures a door returns to the closed position after it has been opened. With this device installed on your doors, your doors won't be left open for unauthorized persons.

Door Closers Add Value to Your Property

Door closers might not seem like a big deal to some homeowners and commercial property owners, but they have a significant impact on the value of your property. By installing door closers on the doors in your home or commercial property, you can surely boost its value and attract buyers when it's time to sell your property.

If you're looking to install door closers on your doors, make sure you hire an experienced locksmith with a proven track record of success.

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Sep 27,2022

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