Things to Consider Before Installing a Smart Lock
Things to Consider Before Installing a Smart Lock

Things to Consider Before Installing a Smart Lock

A smart lock provides great convenience for entry and exit of the home and office, and fortunately, Smart Locksmith can help you make the right choice of smart lock and install them. Most smart locks are powered by rechargeable batteries and a significant amount of electric charge are drawn when you activate the smart lock, therefore you need a smart lock powered by reliable batteries. The following considerations are also important when installing a smart lock on your door. 

Make sure the door is always closed properly

Many doors in older houses are slightly misaligned, hence the door must be pushed further to lock it. If this is the case in your home, you need to fix the alignment to ensure that the deadbolt retracts and extend freely, especially when you lock and unlock the door remotely. 

Average smart locks come with big thumb-turn plates

The interior part of the thumb-turn of a smart lock has more security features than traditional thumb-turns and that is why it is bigger. The smart lock may not fit well if there are some decorations or trim that are located close to a lock. Make sure there is enough space around the door lock so that a smart lock will comfortably fit in without creating an issue. 

Consider buying same lock brand you currently have in your home

Some lock brands use the same style of pins inside the lock cylinder and that means you can use the same key on the locks within your home, if you choose different brands, then you may have to carry multiple keys. 

Smart keys can still help you keep the traditional deadbolt

If you want the convenience of a smart lock without losing your traditional deadbolt, then you should contact a professional technician at Smart Locksmith. The interior mechanism can be easily installed over the exiting thumb-turn giving it that amazing smart feature, without replacing the entire lock system which includes the deadbolt. You may want to keep the existing deadbolt especially when you want to continue using the keys or when you don't want to add those fancy LED lights and keypads to the exterior of the lock. 

Make sure you contact your landlord before installing a smart lock

Changing your lock to a smart lock may be against your terms of renting a place, hence you must consult with your landlord if you want to make such changes. In some cases, a landlord may agree with you to install a smart lock but may ask for the key code or a new spare key because he or she wants to preserve is right to enter your room. Make sure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions of a landlord before making smart lock changes.

If you are ready to install a smart lock on your existing lock, with rekeying services, please contact Smart Locksmith. We do have the right tools and expertise to install smart locks on all types of doors in residential and commercial premises and our services are 100% reliable and guaranteed. 

Nov 28,2018

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