Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure
Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure

Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure

Due to its' portability, stealing a motorcycle is much easier when compared to cars, vans and other heavy vehicles. No wonder motorcycle theft is always on the increase because some criminals do it for fun, for joy riding or to be broken down and sold in parts. 

Sadly, some riders are handicapped about the situation because they don't have the right information on how to keep their motorcycle safe and secure.

That is why security experts at Smart Locksmith put together a few practical tips in this article to help potential, new and experienced riders from becoming victims.

Use a complex security system

Basically, disc locks are popular, and most riders prefer using it than the contemporary and more secure locks. Additionally, the thieves have become more sophisticated than most disc lock systems and can open it easily. If opening the disc lock is difficult to them, they can lift the bike into a truck, and it's gone forever.

We recommend riders to use complex security systems on their bikes. That is the combination of disc locks with chain locks and an effective alarm system.

Yes, such security combination can be very hard for the thief to maneuver and interestingly; they are affordable to install. Call expert locksmith at Smart Locksmith, and we will help you upgrade the disc lock in your bike in addition to installing a chain lock and an alarm system. 

Be cautious while parking the bike

Every rider that is serious about safeguarding his/her bike should be highly selective and cautious while parking the bike. Thieves and opportunists are always on a lookout for bikes that are parked at hidden places, so they can steal without drawing attention or being caught.

You need to park your bike in a location that is busy and bustling with activities. Secondly, it is recommended that you park the bike in a location that is well lit with surveillance cameras. The thief doesn't want to be caught or identified so his search for a careless rider continues.

Take the security of your bike to the next level

Use the Smartwater tagging system and other technologies to make your bike less vulnerable to the thieves. Smartwater tagging makes your motorcycle to be easily traced and recovered because it uses a clear liquid solution and a code that is unique to your bike alone. Note that the liquid solution is quick to dry and can be traced with ultraviolet light.

Install GPS with replaceable batteries.

Take advantage of the various GPS style tracking units available in the market to secure your motorbike and make it highly recoverable. Other technologies that will help make your bike more secure are the immobilizer and electronic transponder tags with ignition disabler that is monitored 24 hours.

Lastly, whenever you're at home, make sure that the bike is parked inside the garage. You can also use floor or ground anchors to make it nearly impossible for the thief to make way with the bike when nobody is at home.

Call Smart Locksmith today if you want to upgrade the locks of your motorcycle or you want to install a complex security system on your lovely bike. You will be amazed when you experience how fast and affordable our services can be.

Jun 29,2019

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