Tips for Improving Residential Security
Tips for Improving Residential Security

Tips for Improving Residential Security

The frequency of burglaries and home intrusions tends to increase when people are away at work, dealing with personal matters, or asleep during nighttime. Burglars persist in carrying out their hostile activities, causing harm to gullible people who are left to endure the loss resulting from these thefts.

However, you can make it more challenging for burglars to attack you, so they can opt for another target. Curious about how to accomplish this? Keep reading to find out:

Adequate Lighting is a Prerequisite for Improved Security

Break-ins are less likely to happen in well-lit areas. Having a well-illuminated house not only makes it challenging for burglars to conceal themselves but also indicates that the occupants are around. Often, when individuals leave their homes, they switch off all the lights, unintentionally inviting intruders into their residences. Forget the increased energy bills, always ensures your property is illuminated.

Install Security Locks

The locks on your doors are just as significant as securing your place. Burglars find it challenging to break in when there are multiple levers to turn. Enhancing the security of your home can be done by considering the use of a 3-lever mortise lock that can provide better lock security.

Another option is to put in magnetic locks. Magnetic locks can withstand a lot of force and can lock on both sides, making it nearly impossible to break in. The only drawback to magnetic locks is that a burglary could happen during a power outage.

Also consider smart locks. With that, you can remotely lock all your entrances using a  mobile device. Contact a locksmith to help you in installing security locks.

Strengthen Gate and Fence Security

Don't make it easy for intruders to enter through a dilapidated gate or damaged fencing.

Ensure that your garden gate is constructed securely and matches the height of the surrounding walls or fences. Metal gates are more challenging to climb compared to solid wood alternatives, and their open structure doesn't provide concealment for potential intruders. Verify that the hinges, bolt, and padlock are firmly fastened on the garden side. Whenever possible, consider installing two different locks on the gate.

You may want to consider attaching trellis panels on top of the fence or wall or opt for ones that already have it integrated. These panels will be sturdy enough to support climbing plants but not facilitate climbing for potential intruders. An experienced locksmith knows which lock is suitable for your gate and fence.

Get Rid of Concealing Spots

While trees and shrubs may enhance the visual appeal of your house, they also provide convenient hiding spots for potential burglars. Ensure you trim back any vegetation that is near your home, which could be utilized as cover.

Protect Your Extra Keys and Keep Passcodes Confidential

While it is important to have spare keys, avoid placing them in obvious locations such as under doormats, potted plants, small shrubs, or fake rocks. These spots are widely known hiding places for keys, and experienced burglars are well aware of where to look. Instead, entrust your spare keys to reliable neighbors, family members, or close friends.

Also, never share your passcode with anyone if you live in a smart home.

However, if you must disclose your code, ensure that no more than two trusted individuals are aware of it to maintain the security of your residence.

Always Rely on Professional Locksmiths

How secure is your home from break-ins? Contact Smart Locksmith for the assurance of your residential security. We are trusted and experienced service providers.

Jul 14,2023

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