Jan 22, 2022

Tips To Adjust Your Door Strike Plate

A door strike plate plays an indispensable role in securing the door by reinforcing the latch on the deadbolt. Apart from enhancing your door’s security, a strike plate ensures the door is properly anchored to the frame and protects the door jamb from friction.

However, a door strike plate may become misaligned with your door's lock due to settling, regular use, and the addition of weather stripping. A misaligned door strike plate can cause a number of problems. For instance, it may prevent the door from closing properly, weaken the door frame, and eventually compromise the effectiveness of the lock.

Let’s look at how you can adjust your door strike plate.

  • Tighten Mounting Screws

The mounting screws holding the strike play may become loose over time due to regular use. The solution to a misaligned door strike plate can be as simple as tightening the mounting screws using a screwdriver.

  • Trim the Hole

You can also adjust your door strike plate by trimming the hole so that the bolt fits properly.

  • Move The Strike Plate

Another way you can adjust a door strike plate is to move it so that the set screws do not overlap with the old screw holes. This solution is recommended when the misalignment is too severe to correct with tightening mounting screws or widening the catch hole.

  • Install Adjustable Strike Plates

An adjustable strike plate comes with ovular screw holes and allows you to make adjustments without drilling new screw holes. All you need to do is back out the screws and slide the other part. If the catch hole is not wide enough, use a chisel to widen it a little bit. However, you should be careful not to overdo it because it will only result in weakening the connection between the strike plate and the door frame over time.

If your door strike plate doesn’t align properly even after making all necessary adjustments, you can consider installing a new strike plate. Be sure to consult with a nearby locksmith before making the decision to replace your door strike plate.


A strike plate is an integral part of your door lock, so it’s imperative to keep it in good shape to avoid damage to your door lock and door frame. If you notice that your door strike plate is misaligned, it’s important to take immediate action to prevent further problems. You should only fix a misaligned door strike plate if you know what you’re doing and have the right tools to handle the job safely. If you’re not an experienced locksmith, it’s advisable to leave this job to a knowledgeable and experienced locksmith. 

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