Apr 6, 2019

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be incredibly annoying especially when you're in a hurry to meet up with an appointment. Although car key loss has become a frequent occurrence and can be resolved by scrambling until it is found; it is never an experience you look forward to having.

We all lose our keys from time to time but it comes with many inconveniences – from missing appointments to losing productive time as well as being disorganized throughout the day and much more. 

If you tend to always lose your keys and you don’t have a spare set conveniently available, the problem can be more than just a nuisance, you need to take a step further to prevent such from happening because it can also be quite expensive.

We’ve got tested and trusted tips that will help you to quit wasting time searching for your keys whenever you’re in a hurry.

Re-organize and give everything a home

Most people don’t have a dedicated place to keep different items in their home. That is why clutter is one of the common reasons people tend to frequently lose their purse and keys. Some homes and offices are not well organized because we are always in a hurry and careless about simple but important things. From having mountains of paper stacked up on your desk to keep keys, belts, receipts, and other items carelessly at home.

There is a need to re-organize your home and designate a special place where your keys, purse, mobile devices, and other items are kept. You need to communicate with other members of your household about the necessary changes so that they will get into the habit of keeping things safe.

This is an effective way to keep track of your car keys and other items, and we urge you to consider it as soon as possible.

Buy a Bluetooth key finder

Finding lost items has been simplified by technology, so you should consider taking advantage of that. Today there is GPS key finder that is available in the market to help you locate your lost keys and phones.

One interesting thing about the GPS key finder is that you can use it to locate just anything in the house or office. All you need to do is to attach it to the object, and you would forget about losing such an item. Most of the GPS finder is designed to emit a ringing sound when you are close, and you can easily locate the object through the map.

Make your keys glow in the dark

Glow in the dark Mod Podge is a smart way of finding your keys on a cold winter night or in a cluttered office. It comes in handy if you can’t afford to buy a Bluetooth key finder.

For other items like important that could get missing, you can use a brightly colored file folder to make them exceptional from other files.

Chain the keys to something important

Chaining your keys to essential items like your purse, credit cards or getting a big key holder can be the solution to always losing your keys. You could also dedicate a sneaky cabinet where the keys are kept in the office or at home.

Get a spare key

Getting an additional set of keys and making it accessible will save you from the embarrassment of always losing your car keys. You can store the spare set in a hidden box or leave it with a family member.

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