Top 5 Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras
Top 5 Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras

Top 5 Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras

It's natural for your curiosity to get the best of you when an unknown individual is at the door, but on the other hand, you will have peace of mind when you already know who's there. In some instances, you might be in the middle of an important activity when the knock-knock jokes get you off your feet.

Therefore, you need to have the edge over the guessing game whenever the doorbell rings by installing a Wi-Fi doorbell camera. With this small device tightened beside the door, you wouldn't peer through the window to identify the person at the front of the door; rather you can know who the person is once the doorbell rings.  

Another advantage of the doorbell camera is that you can virtually interact with the deliveryman using the built-in microphone to give them instructions on what to do with your packages.

Because our priority is to keep you safe, Smart Locksmith has evaluated inexpensive doorbells that will give you a sense of protection and could help you keep tabs on your entryway. Here they are:

The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

As a pacesetter in the video doorbell cameras, the Ring Wi-Fi video doorbells gives you the chance to know who is at the door and respond from virtually anywhere with your smartphone or internet/Wi-Fi enabled device.

The app is free to download, but the Ring Wi-Fi video doorbell requires hard wiring. The 720p HD video is usually crystal clear as well as the two-way audio. You can use the device no matter the season or weather condition since it has an infrared night vision and weatherproof design.

RemoBell Wi-Fi wireless Video Doorbell

This product can be described as the best wireless video doorbell in the market. If hardwiring a doorbell will be a hassle to you, then this wireless video doorbell from RemoBell by Olive & Dove will be the perfect option.

It comes with an inbuilt AA battery to keep you connected all day long and can be installed on any vertical surface beside your door. Once your doorbell is pressed, you will get a push notification and a live video feed on your smart device.

One good thing about this device is that you can invite up to 5 people for viewer access, so when you are not disposed to checking out the app, any other member of your family can do the needful.

The Physen Wireless video Doorbell Camera

This product made the list of our top picks because it comes with all the important features you will need in a wireless video doorbell camera.

Additionally, it is designed to store the videos on the devise, so you will not be bothered about paying for cloud storage.

You can use up to a 32GB media card for video storage to allow you get instant access to the videos.

The Zmodo Greet Video Doorbell

When you are working on a budget, this video doorbell will be most preferable. The good news is that it has all the features you will get from the other more expensive products.

There is a Zmodo Greet package that will help boost the Wi-Fi range as well as other window sensors.

As a security installation company, we recommend Wi-Fi video doorbell products that have PIR motion detection features. This helps the device to turn on the video camera to capture nearby images and give you firsthand information about any intruder around your house.

Feb 28,2019

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