Truth About Luggage Locks
Truth About Luggage Locks

Truth About Luggage Locks

You may want to consider a durable luggage lock if you are planning to enhance the security of your luggage while you are traveling but the simple truth is that most luggage locks can provide little or no security. For better luggage security, please contact Smart Locksmith technicians for better options.

TSA locks offer bad security for your luggage

The shackles of most TSA locks can be easily cut off with pliers, they can also be easily picked. If you still rely on TSA locks, then you are still deceiving yourself. One of the benefits of using the TSA locks is that you don't have to break the lock before using the TSA to open your luggage. There are however many reports of TSA lock breakages at different airports across the world. 

All luggage locks can be easily opened

Every lock can be easily picked, though most opening methods used by thieves are destructive in nature. The best and most durable padlocks can't withstand the pressure applied by those criminal luggage checkers at the airport, and for this reason, you need to consider more security options for your luggage by contact professional locksmith technicians. 

Luggage locks can't protect a zipper

Most travelers usually put luggage locks to secure luggage zippers, but it has been discovered that even a small tool like a ballpoint pen and simply puncture through the zipper teeth hence anyone can have access to your luggage. Your zipper should be safe if you can get an anti-puncture zipper for your luggage and if you want your lock to work, then you need to make use of luggage that has hasps and ignore the regular zippers. Hard shell cases usually come with hasps, and they are designed to protect the content inside the luggage. Please contact us, if you want a more secured luggage for your items while traveling. 

Your bag may be hampering the security of your luggage lock

Aside from the zipper protection for your luggage, it is important that you keep the more daring criminals in mind. Some criminals will simply cut through your bag when they find your zipper and lock difficult to break through. A slice of a sharp knife, for instance, can make a criminal break into your bag, therefore it doesn't make any sense having a very strong lock to secure an easy-to-cut bag. Make sure you choose your luggage bag wisely before investing in it. 

In-built locks in luggage are insecure

You need to keep in mind that most luggage you will buy today will not provide locks that will sufficiently secure such luggage. You should not rely even on the advertisement from the manufacturer. Common in-built luggage locks, such as disc detainer locks, tubular locks, and cruciform locks, are mere novel lock types. The effectiveness of a lock may also depend on the material from which it is made- locks made from poor quality metals can be easily broken, by-passed or opened with improvised keys. Please contact Smart Locksmith, in case you need secured travel bags and luggage.

Jan 06,2019

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