What is Smart Lock?
What is Smart Lock?

What is Smart Lock?

A smart lock is an advanced lock designed with a combination of wireless technologies that are integrated with an authorized device to lock and unlock the door. The wireless devices include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and standard messaging protocols like SMS and e-mail, which helps it to accomplish diverse functions and also gives the homeowner exclusive control over the security of the property.

The Smart lock comes with a cryptographic key (or an app) that can be installed in your mobile phone or other electronic devices and SSL communication to help open the lock and also give authorization to other individuals.

You can take advantage of this new technology to enhance the security of your home or office by having a professional locksmith technician from Smart Locksmith who will efficiently install the smart lock.

So without further ado, let's see how installing a smart lock could heighten your sense of control and make your life easier.

It provides advanced security for your home

The good news is that smart locks can be installed on mechanical locks like your deadbolt to fortify your security. With the installation of smart locks in your home, you will have rest of mind because no one will swipe the keys from underneath your doormat. Intruders will no longer compromise the security of your home, and you'd forget about making key copies or having a spare.

Everyone in your home will feel more secure when a smart lock is installed. It can get connected with an Apple Home Kit device to be unlocked via voice assistance.

Enjoy customized convenience

Convenience should be the keyword when describing smart locks. Smart locks are specifically designed to add convenience to the way you gain access to your home and lock your doors.

It comes with lots of feature sets; imagine opening the door by just waving your smartphone in front of the lock or just sending an encrypted SMS for your door to open. It is understandable how busy your schedule might be, but interestingly, you will be alerted when you leave the door unlocked!

Not to mention the amazing convenience of controlling your locks while holidaying in the Bahamas because you connected it to your Wi-Fi network. What more? With Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit, you can talk to your locks to open as you get closer to them.

Manage access to guests

You mustn't be at home for the dog walker, cleaner, or gardener to do their job since you can grant access to a third party using a virtual key. With the locks accompanying app or standard massaging protocols, you can give access to your friends and family that will like to pop in and spend some time in your home while you're away.

It is designed to suit diverse security needs

There are designs that could suit your quintessential lifestyle as well as models that could masquerade as regular locks. More so, don't think smart locks are so expensive because there are models that are affordable and even look like a standard dumb deadbolt, but they come with amazing features.

If you want the installation of smart locks in your home or office, you can get in contact with us. Be assured that with the advanced services of Smart Locksmith, the installation of smart locks in your home with be swift and as easy as ordering a pizza!

Jun 06,2019

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