What Should I Do If I Lock My Keys in the Car?
What Should I Do If I Lock My Keys in the Car?

What Should I Do If I Lock My Keys in the Car?

Emergencies such as locking keys inside a vehicle can happen unexpectedly. However, the real question is: how do you fix this problem? Who should you call? Only a few people can proffer solutions in a situation like this. Join us in this guide as we look at the right steps to take when you are in such a situation.

Contact Family Members/Flat Mates For a Spare Key

Everyone wants to avoid unforeseen circumstances like locking the house key inside the car, but it may end up occurring. So, preparing ahead is the smart thing to do. This is where spare keys come in. If you have a spare key kept somewhere, you can quickly call your family members or flat mates to help you out. This could only work if the family member is available.

Contact 911 or a Reliable Roadside Service

Having the key locked inside the car can go from a pretty normal mistake to an ugly incident in a minute. You don't want to be locked out of your vehicle in the wrong neighborhood. It could pose a danger to you or the car itself. If you are in a dangerous environment and there is no one coming to your rescue with a spare key, then call 911. Another instance to call 911 is when a toddler or pet is locked inside. They will arrive as quickly as possible to open the door.

However, once it involves ‘locked keys’, without a pet or toddler in danger, there is a possibility they will call a towing service. When this happens, be prepared to prove ownership and to spend money. If you are not comfortable with this option, skip the police and call the roadside service instead.

Contact the Auto Dealership

This option involves towing your car to their workshop. Most times it could be expensive. Ideally, they can help you unlock and access the car. If it is a traditional key, they can help get a duplicate that will work perfectly. For key fobs, the technicians can generate duplicates using advanced machines. Besides that, remember you will also pay for the towing service.

Use the Service of a Reliable Locksmith Service

Instead of heading to an auto dealership, you should contact a locksmith when faced with this problem. Working with a reputable auto locksmith service provider such as Smart Locksmith will save you time and money. As soon as you contact us, one of our professionals will be at the location to open the door with a duplicate key.


Getting locked out of your car or home is usually frustrating. It gets worse when you do not have a spare key. But no need to panic as you can call a roadside service, the dealership, the police, or a locksmith for help.

Be assured that the expert locksmiths at Smart Locksmith can always come to your location loaded with all tools and advanced equipment to help you access your car. Call us today.

Jun 05,2023

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