What to Consider When Choosing a Wall Safe
What to Consider When Choosing a Wall Safe

What to Consider When Choosing a Wall Safe

Do you have belongings holding significant financial or affectionate value? If so, securing them with a wall safe could offer you the peace of mind you seek!

Wall safes can be installed privately within your home, and a skilled locksmith can assist with the process.

Before delving into the factors to consider when purchasing a wall safe, let's first explore what a wall safe entails.

What Is A Wall Safe?

Installed directly into the wall or floor of your home or office, a wall safe is a compact metal box. Placing certain models inside a closet or cabinet is recommended. In any room of your house or office building, extra units can be hidden and operated independently.

Wall safes are specifically created to suit the décor of your home. They make sure not to attract attention or appear noticeable. These discrete safes provide a secure and unseen way to protect your valuable belongings.


To ensure your safe is secure against forced braking, you'll need one made of strong and durable material. The satisfactory material for all safes is steel, which is nearly impenetrable and adds weight, making it difficult to carry during theft attempts.

Plus, consider opting for a fire-resistant material to protect your belongings from likely damage caused by fire or other elements.

Locking Mechanism

Wall safes offer various lock types to suit particular needs and lifestyles. You can customize your safe with options such as a double-bolt safe accessible with a credit card, or a biometric finger impression lock ideal for handgun owners, providing quick access through your unique fingerprint.

Many safes also feature an electronic lock opened with a numerical keypad. For installation of the locking mechanism, consult a friendly locksmith for assistance.


Different dimensions are offered for wall safes. Mostly, they are relatively small due to their installation between walls or in hidden spaces. Select a size that allows ample space for your intended belongings, while also considering the available wall space for installation.

If unsure about the size, consult a dependable locksmith to help you choose the perfect fit for your wall.

Security Ratings

Before making your decision, evaluate the security ratings of different wall safes. Look for certifications from recognized foundations like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Intertek, as they indicate a safe's ability to withstand attacks and provide insights into its overall security level.


Re-lockers are hardened pins triggered when a safe is forced open, ensuring additional security in case of theft.

Note that re-lockers can only be installed in safes with thick steel walls. Most modern wall safes come with 2-3 re-locker pins already installed, adding an extra layer of protection.

Steel Door Thickness

To guarantee the protection you need, check for steel doors and their thickness in the safe. An absence of steel doors or thin walls makes it easy for intruders to break open the safe.

Ensure the steel door has a thickness of at least ½ mm and the safe's body is ideally at least ¼ mm thick. Avoid safes without steel doors or thick walls to maximize security.


Wall safes offer the ideal solution for discreetly storing your valuable belongings, hidden from view. With an added layer of security, they are easy to install too.

If you require assistance with safe opening or choosing the perfect wall safe, look no further! Smart Locksmith is at your service.

Jul 27,2023

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