What to Look for When Purchasing Commercial Safe?
What to Look for When Purchasing Commercial Safe?

What to Look for When Purchasing Commercial Safe?

Securing business premises is the priority of business owners but many of these owners often neglect the need for commercial safes. A single item like commercial safe may protect your vital business items. Sensitive items like legal documents can get damaged by fire and heat, but commercial safes are designed to withstand such damages to a large extent and protect your vital documents. There are some factors you should consider when choosing the ideal commercial safe. Please contact us at Smart Locksmith and we will be there to help you choose the right safes for your needs.

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The UL rating, also known as Underwriter's Laboratory rating is the first thing you should consider when choosing a commercial safe. The UL is regarded as the governing body for commercial and residential safe security ratings. The UL rating is divided into two which are; Burglary safety and fire safety. The burglary rating simply indicates how to protect your items break-ins, theft and crack-ins. It indicates the rating of a safe against physical attempts to damage a safe. The "B" rate safe tend to be the most vulnerable and it is recommended for residential use, for the keeping of less valuable items.

 Other ratings are; C, TL-15, TL-30 and TL-60X6 rate. The TL-60X6 rated commercial safe is the strongest because you have to enter through all the 6 sides of the safe before you can break into it. The TL-30 safe is also recommended for commercial purposes because it can take up to 30 minutes of heavy equipment used to break into it. Please contact us at Smart Locksmith for the installation of the most suitable residential or commercial safe.

Other Factors to Consider when Choosing a Safe

The fire rating of a safe is another factor you should consider when choosing one. The fire rating determines a safe's ability to protect stored items from fire and heat damage. There are three fire ratings for most safes, these are; ½ Hour rate, 1-hour rate, and 2-hour rate. A ½ hour rate safe is able to protect its contents, including paper documents for up to 30 minutes against fire and heat. This safe can resist heat and fire at up to 1500 °F. The 1-hour rate safe can protect a valuable item for up to an hour without opening or damaging the item inside. The 2-hour rate safe can resist the impact of fire, heat, and explosion for up to 2 hours.

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Buying the ideal safe for your need is the first step to take, having it installed properly is another step you need to take. It is important to work with a professional locksmith technician to install an anti-picking and anti-bumping safe that will secure your valuables efficiently. Please contact us at Smart Locksmith and we will be there to help you out.

Dec 31,2019

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