What You Need to Know ANSI Lock Grades
What You Need to Know ANSI Lock Grades

What You Need to Know ANSI Lock Grades

When choosing locks or deadbolts for your home or business, it's important to find a locking system that provides maximum protection. The first step to ensuring you choose the right locks for your property is educating yourself about the ANSI lock grade system. At Smart Locksmith, we are trusted lock installation experts, so we understand ANSI lock ratings inside out. In this article, we will explain ANSI standards and lock grades to help you make an informed decision.

ANSI Lock Grades Explained

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades locks and deadbolts based on their performance on various tests. This grading system factors in the longevity of the lock, strike impact resistance, cycles, security, material evaluation, finish, and other factors. The ANSI lock grade system is composed of three classifications based on the tests performed. These grades include ANSI grade 1, ANSI grade 2, and ANSI grade 3. Let's look at each one of these grades in greater detail.

ANSI Lock Grade 1

This is the highest level of ANSI rating for locks. Grade 1 locks are typically designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial use, but we are seeing more of these locks targeting residential use. For a lock to qualify as a grade 1 lock, it must withstand a minimum of 1,000,000 cycles, 10 door strikes, and pass a 360-pound weight test. Grade 1 locks deliver the highest level of security and are the most expensive. These locks should be used to secure exterior doors.

ANSI Lock Grade 2

Grade 2 locks are the next level up in terms of security. These locks are designed for medium-duty commercial and residential applications. In order to qualify for an ANSI grade 2 rating, a lock must withstand a minimum of 800,000 cycles, 5 door strikes, and a 360-pound weight test. These locks are recommended for commercial buildings with standard traffic flow.

ANSI Lock Grade 3

Grade 3 locks are the least secure of the three ANSI security lock ratings. These locks provide basic security, hence they're recommended for non-high security situations such as in countryside homes and buildings with low foot traffic. Grade 3 locks should operate for 200, 000 cycles, withstand 2 door strikes, and pass a 150-pound weight test. These locks should never be used in commercial or industrial applications.

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Feb 01,2023

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