What's a Transponder Key?
What's a Transponder Key?

What's a Transponder Key?

The transponder is short for transmitter and responder. Therefore, the transponder key contains an electronic microchip built into the head by the manufacturer. The microchip is designed to transmit a low-level signal to a remote receiver installed in the car. Every chip that is built into the key has a unique serial number which must be identified by the RFID (radio frequency identification) of the car before it unlocks or starts.

Almost all car manufacturers in recent times have adopted the use of transponder keys basically to reduce auto theft. And the good news is that since its introduction by GM on its 1985 Corvette car model, car theft was decreased drastically. That is why at Smart Locksmith, we recommend the use of the transponder key as central to every car security system.

Why the transponder key is preferred and more secure

The transponder key is designed to use a digital ID or serial number, which is virtually unique to unlock each car. That is why it provides a higher level of security for vehicles. With the use of the transponder key, you will have the rest of mind that your car is virtually secured because it will be difficult for thieves to "˜hot wire' or break the ignition of your vehicle.

When compared with the traditional key that has a few standard cut combination which a thief can manipulate, it is highly preferred because without the car receiving the right signal, it will not open. Therefore, it's almost impossible for someone else's transponder key or an after-market copy without the exact digital ID to open your car.

How to know that you have a transponder key

Identify the two major parts of your key, the blade, and the bow - which is a flattened piece that can be likened to the head of the key. If the bow is covered or coated with several layers of tin foil or rubber shell that is usually black, then there is every chance that what you have is a transponder key.

Another way to be certain that you have a transponder key is to try opening the head to see the chip that is built inside. However, you need to be extremely careful in order not to touch or damage the chip.

You can also look up for the model of your car on the internet, and for sure, the manufacturer will explain whether the key is transponder or not in the security section.

What to do when your transponder key is lost or damaged

If you lost your key, you need a spare or you want to replace your transponder key, then you need to consult local reliable locksmith at Smart Locksmith. We will cut a blank key and also reprogram the chip to match with the RFID of your car, so it will work effectively.

Call us whenever you have car key dilemma, or you notice that your transponder key is no longer working effectively.

Smart Locksmith is a leader in reprogramming or replacing transponder car keys, and our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction for all customers as well as exceed their expectation in every job.

May 17,2019

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