Why Is My Push Button Door Lock Not Working?
Why Is My Push Button Door Lock Not Working?

Why Is My Push Button Door Lock Not Working?

Is your push button door lock not working and you are wondering what could be the cause? You've come to the right place. At Smart Locksmith, we've compiled some of the possible reasons why your push button door lock may stop working.

Lock Damage

A push button door lock can malfunction as a result of damaged wiring, misaligned lock mechanism, mechanical failure, or a broken or rusted component. Luckily, this problem is relatively easy to fix. The lock can be deconstructed and inspected for faulty components that may be causing the lock to malfunction. If there's a problematic component, a locksmith can repair it, swap it out, or clean it as needed. If the lock is damaged beyond repair, the locksmith will replace the entire lock. Keep in mind that diagnosing a faulty push button door lock is a job that should be left to an experienced locksmith who knows what they are doing. If you are not an experienced locksmith, you should never attempt to disassemble your push button door lock, as you could cause more damage.

A Misaligned Door

Sometimes, a misaligned door may be the reason for a push button door lock not working. A misaligned door could be the result of normal wear and tear, loose screws, a misaligned strike plate and latch, or broken hinges. The most straightforward fix for a misaligned door that is causing lock problems is to call a door contractor to inspect the door and determine the best course of action. A misaligned door can not only cause door lock problems, but it can also be a safety hazard. Make sure the problem is addressed as soon as it is noticed for the sake of your safety and that of your family.

Power Interruption

If you have an electronic push button door lock, it can stop working as a result of a power interruption. The wiring can get damaged, an electrical component inside the lock can malfunction, or the batteries can die. If your electronic push button door lock uses batteries, try changing the batteries to see if the lock works. For locks that are hard-wired into an electrical system, call a locksmith to inspect the lock and make repairs.

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Oct 04,2022

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