Why You Should Get a WiFi Door Lock
Why You Should Get a WiFi Door Lock

Why You Should Get a WiFi Door Lock

If you want a security system that provides more than home protection and convenient ways to control access to some parts of your property, then you need to consider the installation of a WiFi door lock.

With a WiFi door lock installed in your home, you will have a combination of style and automation in addition to a more energy efficient system and an advanced level of security. You will also have the opportunity of controlling your security system from any part of the world.

In case you need to upgrade your deadbolt or the security system in your home or office location with a smarter model, call experts at Smart Locksmith company for an excellent installation and to resolve your doorstep dilemma.

Other advantages of having WiFi door lock in your home or business location:

Advanced security in your home

You will be exonerated from the risk of intruders swiping the key from underneath your doormat, and your home security will be hard to compromise. With the password security and the use of voice assistance to unlock your door, WiFi Door Lock is now the most efficient home security in the industry.

Smart locks minimize the chances of break-ins or duplication of your keys because there won't be the need for key copies floating around your home. You will have the convenience of programming your locks to perform different tasks like locking automatically when there is no connection with your mobile device.

Ability to track who entered or exited your house

With WiFi door locks, you can have exclusive information about the traffic in your home - there is a log that can be enabled in your app to give you every information of who is in, or out of your home. This can be made possible when you assign entry codes to every member of your household.

With the temporary access code, you don't need to be available for the babysitter, repairman, or painter to do his job and you can get alerted when the repairman arrives and he leaves your home.

It comes with a lot of security features

There is a variety of security features that come with the WiFi Door Lock or any other smart lock in the market.

You can set up scenes by enabling the voice control in addition to the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit.

Apart from connecting it to your WiFi with a bridge, you could dim the light, adjust the thermostat and put on the TV.

An interesting feature of the Wi-Fi door lock is the ability to snap and send images of whosoever that is standing at your door. With that, you can identify the particular individual that visited your home while you were away.

Your phone becomes a key

No more handling huge keys and running a risk of misplacing any when you have a busy schedule. Your mobile device will now function as a key and ease you from that burden, but you should know that there are different makes and models of the WiFi door locks that offer different capabilities.

Make sure to consult us when you want the installation of WiFi door locks or the upgrade of your homes security system.

Mar 30,2019

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